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You're here: Live Web Cam !

Live Web Cam !

Live during 9:00 - 17:00 (GMT +1.00)

Why a live web cam you ask !

Since I work from home much of the time I felt it was prudent to create a live web cam video feed on the Internet so that my clients can see that I am actually doing work !

Comments on my daily activities are most welcome, but please do not request me to do anything out of the ordinary - it just won't happen !!!

This live web cam video stream is created with Microsoft Windows Encoder. More information on how I did this can be found here.

Note: You require Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to view this live web cam video feed within this web site.

You can also view this live feed directly in Windows Media Player by clicking here.

An alternative style of web cam feed (version 2) can be found here.

Please click on the images below to vote for my web cam at various web cam sites ;-)

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