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My Services

The services I offer on a contract / freelance basis are as a Technical Author and/or a Web Designer.

My Rates

My rates are extremely competitive. I typically charge by the hour for projects that are ongoing and do not have a fixed time. scale Since my overheads are reasonably low, I can convey these low operating costs onto my clients. I charge €60 - €65 per hour for most technical authoring and web design work. I provide weekly time sheets to my clients and bill them at the end of each month.

If a project is very well defined by the client and myself, I can provide a fixed quote for the work to be done. However, fixed quotes tend to be less fair than an hourly rate, and I am reluctant to work this way. Typically, a fixed quote will include a contingency amount to allow for underestimated efforts. However, if the original fixed quote meets the initial expectations of effort then the client unfairly pays more. Conversely, if the project runs much longer than the initial expectations of effort plus the included contingency, then I have worked for far less.

Accepted currencies

My bank account in France accepts Euros (€), US Dollars ($) and UK Pounds (£). I am happy to receive payment for any work that I undertake in €, $ or £, and therefore I invoice clients in the currency of their preferred choice.

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